Director/Producer/Camera Op/Editor

Julia Rajchel

I've spent the last dozen years specializing in video production from concept and ideation to production and post to final delivery and publishing. Skills: Scripting, Shooting HD and 4K, DSLR, Audio Production, Post-Production (Premiere Pro, After Effects, Final Cut Pro 7 legacy and ), directing and transcoding.

Concept / Editing

Apollo House

A few years back at Apollo Education Group (AEG) our creative department was approached by our PR and brand strategy team to come up with a video concept to showcase for the upcoming Super Bowl in Arizona.

The goal: to create a short :60 video to be placed in a book invitation to all guests. Something high energy that would capture the excitement of Apollo Education Group's involvement in the Super Bowl. I also produced and edited a series of videos highlighting AEG's subsidiaries, which would be played throughout a restaurant the company had rented out in the heart of Super Bowl central in downtown Phoenix. I worked closely with this team, local artists, and the media team at University of Phoenix stadium over the duration of several months to gather footage; including a voiceover from Arizona Cardinals wide receiver, Larry Fitzgerald. I then licensed and mixed a high-energy sound bed and edited several pieces.

Concept/Director/Motion GFX

AEG Strategic Objectives, Whitepaper and Responsible Borrowing

While working at Apollo Education Group, our creative department was approached to create a videos ranging from ads to show at national events to internal strategic objectives for our staff to informational spots for students on responsible borrowing . I worked with our strategic and internal communications teams to script, conceptualize, commission and direct voice-over talent for many of these. I then animated them After Effects based on storyboards I had created. Time frames ranged anywhere from 1 1/2 weeks to a few months. The result is where we landed with three of those types of videos, each received with some nice praise.


:30 Spots

Here are a few :30 spots I've worked on. The first was to showcase a partnership between Cherylstyle (a lifestyle home and entertainment company headed by Cheryl Najafi) and grocery chain Fry's food and drug. The aim was to personalize some of Fry's products through Cheryl's lens. I worked with the director on the concept, filming and edit you see here. The second spot is for The Epilepsy Foundation in an effort to reach future campers and obtain funding. I was given a hard drive with footage and edited and produced the piece you see there in conjunction to a larger, 3 1/2 minute piece shown at their annual fundraiser.


After 12 Years Together, She Got a Proposal Worth Waiting For

This project is near and dear to my heart, it is my proposal with my then partner of twelve years; which I created over the span of three months when she was away for work. I had always wanted a video proposal, but living together made it challenging to truly pull off such a task because it took so much time. During the three months she was away I wrote, filmed and edited/animated a piece that told our story. I had so much fun working on this and bringing my vision to life. I used Premiere and After Effects to edit and keyframe animate this which was an extremely taxing process--but well worth it!


AEG History Campaign

During my role as Sr. Video Director/Producer at Apollo Education Group, I worked with our internal communications team to develop videos for their history campaign; which highlighted the rise of The University of Phoenix through its founder Dr. John Sperling. I pulled from hours of logged footage and graphics to create a series for each decade since the companies start in 1973. Each decade had anywhere from 7-12 videos no longer than 3 1/2 minutes in duration that unfolded the events from that particular time period in a documentary-style format. The above is the opening piece and accompanying graphics I conceptualized and animated along with the first video in the series, edited in Premiere Pro.


The Foundation for Exceptional Kids: Camp Runamuk

A few years ago, my now wife was involved with a very special nonprofit organization that helped families with kids who have autism. Each year, this foundation puts on a camp inviting families to come and enjoy a camp experience in an environment specifically catered towards serving those with special needs. I accompanied her to their annual camp in 2014 and photographed stills, shot video and conducted a series of interviews in an effort to provide the camp with some footage and material to help spread the word and receive funding to help them. The following is what I captured and produced to help them showcase what they do and how to get involved.


IT Recruitment

During my time at Apollo, I worked with our talent services and IT team to concept, shoot, and produce a short video highlighting the benefits of working for Apollo Education Group; specifically within the IT realm. The following is what we shot and acquired through existing footage on the campus. This project took about a week or two to film and a week and a half to edit. We had a lot of fun with this one!


You're So Invited Book Release

Several years ago, I had the wonderful opportunity to accompany Cherylstyle CEO Cheryl Najafi on her national book tour and capture footage of her speaking and book signing parties across the east coast. We didn't aim to produce a promotional piece with this, but I found myself with tons of footage and a new book that it only seemed natural to put something together highlighting her book. The following is what I produced after we got back from the eastern leg of the tour. I worked with our internal graphics team who provided the graphics you see in the video.


Behind the Scenes with Rob Nason

This was a fun project I worked on for Rob Nason, illustrator of Jim Carrey's, "How Roland Rolls" (amongst many other accomplishments.) Rob had given me a hard drive full of go-pro footage and some images from his book. He also had a specific audio track in mind that he wanted to use--which you can hear in this track I mixed. Based on the footage, I put together a piece chronicling Rob's creative process from start to print. It was a ton of fun!